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Welcome to Waking Word - Inspirational Bible Passages sent directly to your Cellular Telephone

to Waking Word - Inspirational Bible Verses sent directly to your Cell Phone.
Receive daily Inspirational passages, or gift them to your friend or loved one.

The Waking Word is perfect for:

• Teens and College Students away from home for the first time
• Friends who are ill or facing challenging times
• Anyone who wants to start each day with the Word of Our Father

For a modest fee, the Waking Word will arrive early each morning to inspire you and light the way to a prosperous and Godly day. We accept no advertising, and your daily devotional will never be burdened with a commercial message.

A message to parents: The cell phone is an important tool for keeping those far away close at hand. You’ve done the right thing by giving your child the ability to reach out to you at all times. Now, make sure that the content that arrives when it isn’t you who is calling is pure. Give your child the Waking Word and they will thank you for eternity.

"The grass withers and the flowers fall, but the word of our God stands forever." Isaiah 40:8

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